Performances of note – From Cathy K. (in the cast)


17th Annual Fresh Voices Festival

A Celebration of the Human Spirit!
August 5, 12, 19 & 27, 2017

see info at

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Things to contemplate…

First of all, I’d like to thank those of you who spoke their minds and hearts last night.  I hear you and appreciate your willingness to share.  And, thank all of you for staying, accepting the challenge of this amazing music and working very hard to make it the best it can be.

Here are some things to contemplate–

• Read the poetry.

Let the poetry guide you to experience the music more fully, taking you to a new level of understanding and music-making.  It’s an awakening of sorts, a new way to perceive and accept your potential in the complete expression of the intention of this poetry and music in the context of this amazing choral performance.

I believe in you, I believe in us.  And, together we will make beautiful music shimmer.

• Do your best. Be your best.  That’s all you can ask of yourselves and your neighbors.

• Think of your musical neighbors and forgive them their mistakes.

• Then, think of yourself and forgive yourself your mistakes.

Making music is a live, fluid, human experience. And, that live, fluid, human musical experience is why we’re on this journey together. It’s not about perfection.  It’s about coming together as a community, bringing our best selves, supporting one another in this unique opportunity to express the joy and love of music-making.

When it comes to performance we all must accept and love who and where we are and allow the music to flow from there.

Be very present with it–with the poetry, with the music, with your section, with your choir, with your accompanists, with me, with the setting and with your audience. And, be very proud of your and everyone’s hard work

Invite your friends, family, and neighbors to join you in this expression, this celebration of our humanity in music-making.

Loving thoughts to all.



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Tuesday, Sept. 9, rehearsal

Hello All,

Here’s the schedule of events for this coming Tuesday night:

Sure on this Shining Night — PU to m. 36-end

Sa Nuit d-Ete — review language; PU to p. 6-end; then beginning

Soneto — review language, begin at letter B-E.

Luminous Night… — Letter D-H

Dark Night… — Beginning to G

Review as best you can.



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Links of major works for this semester

Hi, Everyone,

I’m working on getting a practice CD. But, for now we’ll just have to make due with our rehearsals and these links.  Enjoy! (Dark Night of the Soul)

both by Ola Gjeilo

Nocturnes – I – Sa nuit d’ete (It’s Summer Night)

Nocturnes: II. Soneto de la Noche (Lauridsen)

Nocturnes: III. Sure On This Shining Night (Lauridsen)

Nocturnes – IV – Voici le soir (Night Has Come)

See you Tuesday night!



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Brahms’ Requiem–

Beautiful, spiritual, unitarian, evocative, passionate, heart-full, challenging, rewarding, and uplifting to those left to cherish the memories and the spirit of those who are now gone from this physical world.

You, your work, your diligence, your care, your passion and compassion, your integrity, your musicianship, your singing, your expressivity, your love of the art, your spirit of collaboration and collegiality, your attention to detail and to language challenges, your presence to the music and, so importantly, to the conductor who masterfully shaped and molded and was a conduit that connected us all to the music, to each other and to our most appreciative audience, paid off in a hugely successful and moving performance of this outstanding choral masterwork.

You all rose to achieve that exceptional ideal!  Congratulations!! Bravo!!

I’m looking forward to celebrating your success and sharing with you my hopes for the upcoming season at our potluck gathering next Tuesday.  I have in my hot little hands the music for Morten Lauridsen’s Nocturnes which you can peruse and check out for the summer.  We’ll also be viewing an awesome video, “Shining Night: A Portrait of Composer Morten Lauridsen.”

So, please don’t miss out on this opportunity to gather and celebrate one last time before summer break!!!

See you next Tuesday, 6:30-8:30 p.m.

With warmest regards, appreciation and love,


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Lauridsen concerts

For those who are performing this next weekend, we are rehearsing tonight 7-9 p.m.

Here’s the list of folks committed to the Lauridsen concerts:

Saturday, 5/17, 8:00 p.m., Mission Dolores Basilica, 3321 Sixteenth St., SF

Carolyn Wilson

Diane Choquette

Ruth Anne Harris

Stephen Harris

Bonnie Bernhardt

Julie Louie

Paul Reeve

Diane Reeve

Grace Alcon

Lynda Monger

Marilynn Ugalde

Kristy Juliano

(These tickets are $18 per person.)

Sunday, 5/18, 7:30 p.m., Amador Theater, 1155 Santa Rita Rd., Pleasanton

Ruth Anne Harris

Stephen Harris

Lynda Monger

Ken & Elle Simonin

Debbie Barlow

Kristy Juliano

(These tickets are $20 per person.)

See you there!



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Brahms’ Requiem


I hear your hard work.  Please be mindful we are all singing together.  That being said, the conductor cannot help to keep us together and cue us if they can only see the top of your heads.  There is nothing more frustrating then to look to singers to help them and half of them are not on board because they’re not looking.  Please keep your music lifted so that you can see both the music and the conductor.  It is respectful of both your conductor and your fellow choral members, showing you care enough to share the experience with them all.

Thank you!!

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Brahms–Movement VII

ALL–keep this movement in your mind and in your ears.  Save some reserve energy for this movement.  It’s the most challenging with regards to sustain and stamina on high notes.  Keep the breath flowing and the throat, jaw and chest free of tension. Transfer that energy to your support system.


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Brahms–Movement VI

ALL–Beginning p. 65-72, please note which notes are staccato (dotted-short and detached) and which are not.  Seems we’re way over-staccato-ing the phrase.  The staccatos will be much more effective if only articulated on notes that marked as such.

Letter E–watch cut-offs for “Tod”

m. 188–watch timing, especially S.

Pgs. 78 & 79–Anticipate what’s coming harmonically.  Don’t be surprised by what is happening in the moment! 🙂

S–entrance m. 277 and 286 (pitch and timing)

S–m. 337 “b”

ALL — m. 341, pitches





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Brahms–Movement V

ALL–Beginning entrance shaky.

–“ich vill..”–way too tight!  Please modify your vowel towards the upper palate.

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