Brahms’ Requiem–

Beautiful, spiritual, unitarian, evocative, passionate, heart-full, challenging, rewarding, and uplifting to those left to cherish the memories and the spirit of those who are now gone from this physical world.

You, your work, your diligence, your care, your passion and compassion, your integrity, your musicianship, your singing, your expressivity, your love of the art, your spirit of collaboration and collegiality, your attention to detail and to language challenges, your presence to the music and, so importantly, to the conductor who masterfully shaped and molded and was a conduit that connected us all to the music, to each other and to our most appreciative audience, paid off in a hugely successful and moving performance of this outstanding choral masterwork.

You all rose to achieve that exceptional ideal!  Congratulations!! Bravo!!

I’m looking forward to celebrating your success and sharing with you my hopes for the upcoming season at our potluck gathering next Tuesday.  I have in my hot little hands the music for Morten Lauridsen’s Nocturnes which you can peruse and check out for the summer.  We’ll also be viewing an awesome video, “Shining Night: A Portrait of Composer Morten Lauridsen.”

So, please don’t miss out on this opportunity to gather and celebrate one last time before summer break!!!

See you next Tuesday, 6:30-8:30 p.m.

With warmest regards, appreciation and love,


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