If you have ever known the pleasure of singing in a church choir, or in high school or college groups, you can find it again by singing in Solano Choral Society. If you like to sing, but are not sure how your voice would fit in, just give it a try and find out.

Spring 2018 rehearsals begin Tuesday, Jan 16, 2018. Rehearsals are held on Tuesday evenings, 7-10 pm, in 1239 (Music/Theater Blgd) at Solano Community College, 4000 Suisun Valley Road, Fairfield.

Each fall and spring semester a new season begins and culminates with one or two performances of the season's program. Registration can take place at the first rehearsal of each semester (August and January). Concerts are scheduled typically in November/December and April/May. Required skills are the ability to sing on pitch with a pleasant blending quality, the ability to learn and carry a choral part, and an enthusiasm for singing.


The Vistas program at SCC was discontinued as of fall 2017, so all singers need to register for one of the applicable music classes (Music 20, 21, 24, or 25) at SCC. For those that have run out of repeat enrollments (each class can be taken 4 times), contact Kristy for information about a class auditing option. All SCS members must either be enrolled in one of the classes or enrolled in an official audit of the class (a fee is required).

As of Spring 2018, all of the music class options (Music 20, 21, 24, or 25) require instructor approval for enrollment, so you will need an add code from Kristy to enroll. Advance registration is strongly encouraged but you can register at or after the first class meeting. Class enrollment fees are paid to SCC.

In addition to registration at SCC, members pay a performance fee (similar to a lab fee) to offset a number of performance-related costs. The performance fee is paid directly to the Solano Choral Society and will be collected in the first few weeks of the semester.


Registering for courses

First time - Returning (previously registered at SCC)

To Register
If you are joining us for the first time and you were not enrolled during the previous semester in a regular class at SCC, you will first need to complete an application for admission. Admission applications can be completed online, by mail, or in person.

Online registration process:

1) go to http://www.solano.edu/ for information. Follow the links to Admissions and Records and follow the direction under the link "How to Enroll".

Solano Choral Society has several possible course numbers (Music 20, 21, 24, and 25). Each of these courses can be taken for credit up to four times. If you have reached the limit for enrollments in Music 20, register for one of the other numbers— they are concurrent. All of these classes now require instructor approval. You can email Kristy (kristy.juliano[at symbol]solano.edu) and provide your student id number to obtain the add code you will need to register. If you have maxed out on the number of times you can take one of the music classes, you may still sign up for an official audit of that class.


We hope to see [and hear] you!

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